Universe History

My name is Mahthom Iq Seerva.

I am the Winnaran Keeper of the Custodian Chronicle and I write this from the ancient Tower of Annals in old Mecatol City. Since inheriting the duties of the chronicle from my fater, I have enjoyed the view of our city from my wide windows; enjoyed the old buildings, ancient towers and bright lights that proudly stretch into the remote distance. Yet, like the shadow at my feet, I can never escape or forget the lethal finite borders of my city. I cannont cast aside the fact that less than a hundred leagues from this tower, our city shields rise to protect us from the poisonous dust that is the Sea of Desolation. The terrible wasteland that covers our planet.

My people, the Winnarans, have kept this city safe for more than three thousand years. Ever since the time of the great scourge, we have been the custodians of the imperial throne, the imperial records and the galactic council here on Mecatol Rex. We have indeed been faithful to the promise that we made to the last emperor.

My hands tremble as I write this. Events are now unfolding which I believe to be the harbinger of great change. I foresee that, in my lifetime, our custodianship will come to an end. This is why I have contacted you. I will here seek to give you a brief, but true, summary of the recent history of our galaxy. I give this to you, because I know that you will spread this knowledge far and wide. As we enter the dangerous years before us, I feaer that the galaxy shall have a great need of the past.

It is told that the Lazax emperors arose from the ashes of the Mahact kings. Little is known of their early ascension, but it is impossible to deny that the Lazax must have been a profoundly intelligent, benevolent, and wise people. After their prehistoric rise to power, we know that they chose the central planet of Mecatol Rex as their home world. The year that the Lazax first arrived on Mecatol Rex is recorded in the Imperial Chronicle as “first” and marks the beginning of my account.

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